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Academic Support

Badin High School provides special services for students with a disability. Each student served must have an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) from their local school district which identifies the student as one with a disability. Along with the ETR, the student must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that can be shared with Badin. All documents must be reviewed and a conference held with the Badin Academic Support Team to ensure services can be provided which will meet the individual student’s needs. There is a limit per year to the number of students with disabilities who will be able to receive services.

The following disabilities have been served at Badin High School:

  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Other Health Impairment (ex. ADD, Mental Health Diagnosis)
  • Mild forms of Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Visual Impairment
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

All students who have a disability are fully included in the regular classroom setting. Small group tutoring periods are available and provided as possible with the student’s academic schedule. Students are recommended for the appropriate level of each content area and provided the allowable accommodations as noted on their Individual Education Plan.

Examples of some accommodations that have been provided are as follows:

  • Extended Time on Tests/Assignments
  • Tests Read Aloud
  • Access to Assistive Technology (Kurzweil Program)
  • Clarification of Directions on Tests and Assignments
  • Preferential Seating in Class
  • Copies of Teacher Notes Provided (WHEN POSSIBLE)
  • Other Accommodations as noted for the individual student on their IEP or ISP

Badin has Intervention Specialists on staff to provide support services to students with a disability. If a student is scheduled for a period of small group support, he/she will be provided with the following services:

  • Individualized instruction in each content area focusing on increasing comprehension and written expression skills
  • Developing a student’s Organizational & Study Skills
  • On-going Progress Monitoring with academic performance and individual goals and objectives as noted on their IEP or ISP.
  • Assessments given as needed to provide information to individual school districts as they continue to write an Individual Education Plan for the Peterson Scholarship or for those students who are in the process of completing their reevaluation to determine continued program eligibility.
  • On-going communication with the Badin Staff and Parents regarding student performance
  • Promoting the development of self-advocacy skills to further prepare our students for their post-secondary focus (college, world of work, etc.)

Please contact Badin High School if you have questions concerning the enrollment process (see eligibility factors) or to schedule a meeting with our Academic Support Team.

Determining Eligibility Factors

(If we have more applicants than room in our program.)

  1. Student's disability can be supported at Badin High School. (A copy of the student's Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and the Individual Service Plan (ISP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP) are submitted to Bill Valerius to review before the application due date of December 1st.)
  2. Student has siblings at Badin High School.
  3. Student attended a Hamilton/Fairfield Elementary School.
  4. Student is Catholic.
  5. Student has registered on the admissions site on BadinHS.org to create a student admissions portfolio.
  6. Student attended Badin's Open House.
  7. Student has shadowed or is scheduled to shadow at Badin before Christmas Break.

**** Students interested in transferring into Badin between their 10th and 12th grade will be considered if space is available within the class they would join.

Academic Support Team

Bill Valerius
Lead Intervention Specialist

Katie Roark
Intervention Specialist

Danielle Pohlman
Intervention Specialist

Sara Ransom
Intervention Specialist

Kim Kirsch
Intervention Specialist

Jackie Noelker
Intervention Specialist