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High School Credit

Algebra 1 Action Plan

(for students attending parochial schools)

Revised April 2019

  1. Student will take an Algebra I class in their current 8th grade setting. The class will follow the approved Archdiocese course of study for Algebra I.
  2. Student will take two assessments, one in February and one in May at Badin High School. These assessments are created by the Badin High School Math Department.
  3. Earning early high school credit will provide the student with more flexibility in their high school schedule. Students will still be required to take four years of math at Badin High School.
  4. Badin High School will grant high school credit to all students who meet the required criteria: The two Badin assessments and the grade school Algebra I final percentage will be combined using the following weights:
    • Semester 1 Test: 35%
    • Semester 2 Test: 35%
    • Final Algebra 1 Grade: 30%
    The resulting score must be 80% or higher in order to earn high school credit.

Important Class Links

8th Grade Algebra 1 Unit Test 1 Sign up.
Algebra 1 8th Grade Test Topics 2019
8th Grade Algebra 1 Unit 2 Test Review

Preparation for Unit 2 Test

The Unit 2 Test covers the second semester of Algebra 1. A list of standards covered and a review packet are available in the links above for student use. The review materials should be used as a guide, as exact questions may vary. The test will be mostly multiple choice, but there will also be a non-calculator short answer portion covering factoring and radicals. Scores will be sent to the student's school. Please sign up for one of the two test dates using the Google Form below. If you have any questions, please contact Badin's Academic Dean, Chris Mate, at cmate@BadinHS.org, or Badin Algebra 1 teacher, Diane Bierbaum, at dbierbaum@BadinHS.org.

Algebra 1 Important Information