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Student Life at Badin High School

Academic Team – Mrs. Maciulewicz
The Academic Team is open to students of all grade levels. Team members will compete in academic and pop culture contest against other local Catholic High Schools.

Action for JOY Club – Mrs. Enderle & Mr. Cole
The Action for JOY Club is open to students of all grade levels. This group meets regularly to actively promote joy and the goodness of God throughout the school and community.

Ambassadors – Mr. Allen & Mrs. Angie Gray
The Badin Ambassadors is open for applicants from all grade levels. Ambassadors put Badin’s “Best Foot Forward” in various recruiting and hosting situations – Shadow Days, Open House, recruiting events, Grandparents Day, and More! These students are Badin’s student “public relations” representatives.

Archery – Mrs. Mary Dwire
Archery is a club sport open to students of all grade levels. The Archery Team participates in a variety of competitions throughout the year.

Badin Book Club – Mrs. Thompson
The Badin Book Club is open to students of all grade levels. This group will read, enjoy and share their knowledge of literature.

Badin Clay Busters - Coach Mark Arnold
The Badin Clay Busters is open to students of all grade levels and incoming, registered 8th graders. The Clay Busters is Ohio’s first high school trapshooting team. The Badin Clay Busters is dedicated to teaching students responsible use of firearms and the importance of the second amendment. The Clay Busters season begins in March with safety training. The team competes from April through August ending with the team competing at the AIM Grand Nationals in Illinois. Please visit badinclaybusters.com for more information.

Badin Rocks – Ms. Jaki Howser & Mr. Bob Ross
Badin Rocks is open to students of all grade levels. Badin Rocks is the school’s very own Rock & Roll Band. Badin Rocks is a co-curricular club in that it is possible to take the Badin Rocks class or simply join the club in an after school capacity.

Badin Studio (art) – Mrs. Daniels
Badin Studio is open to students of all grade levels. Badin Studio is Badin’s art club and meets weekly after school to help students explore their artistic gifts and talents.

Badin Theater – Mrs. Cline
Badin Theater is open to students of all grade levels. Badin Theater is a co-curricular group which offers students the opportunity to explore their acting, stage crafting, writing and directing talents either in the classroom or after school or both! Students will participate in musicals, one-act plays and more.

Bereavement Support Group – Mrs. Helms & Mrs. Minton
The Bereavement Support Group is open to student of all grade levels who have lost an immediate family member (mother, father, sibling, etc.). This group will meet monthly to share in the grieving process, grow in faith, and courageously continue to move forward in faith.

Chess Club – Mr. Andrews
The Chess Club is open to students of all grade levels. The purpose of this group is to learn the strategy and game of chess while making friends and enjoying friendly competition.

Civic Day - Mr. Keating & Mr. Seitz
Civic Day is a citywide event in which seniors/juniors from Hamilton High School and Badin High School team up and participate in city government. They shadow different city officials and learn how the city of Hamilton operates and the impact that citizens can have on their government. Civic Day is open to junior or senior students who take AP Government.

Civics Club – Mr. Seitz
The Civics Club is open to students of all grade levels. The mission of the Junior State of America and the Junior Statesmen Foundation (JSA) is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.

Creative Writing Club – Dr. O’Hara
The Creative Writing Club is open to students of all grade levels. The purpose of this club is to offer students an enjoyable outlet for writing.

Envirothon – Mrs. Hoelle
Badin Envirothon is open to sophomore, junior and senior students. The Envirothon is a competitive, academic outdoor event for high school students in Ohio, held in the spring. Meetings will begin in the fall to prepare. Learn more: https://www.areaivenvirothon.org/#!

Fishing Club – Mr. Zimmerman & Mr. Imhoff
The Fishing Club is open to students of all grade levels. This group’s purpose is to help students enjoy the sport of fishing and to teach conservation and respect for the environment.

History Club – Mr. Mignery
The History Club at Badin is open to students of all levels. The History Club works to encourage student knowledge of and appreciation for history and the social sciences in general.

INTERalliance Chapter – Mr. Memory & Mr. Schuckman
Badin’s INTERalliance Chapter is open to students of all grade levels. The chapter works to expose students to various IT opportunities through chapter meetings, Tech Olympics, job shadows, company tours, summer IT career camps, internships and IT academies.

Jazz Band – Ms. Jaki Howser & Mr. Bob Ross
Badin’s Jazz Band is open to students of all grade levels. This band’s primary purpose is to help members learn how to improvise and express themselves through the musical genre of jazz.

JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society) – Mr. Merz
Badin’s JETS Team is generally limited to students in their junior and / or senior year who take physics. This group aims to improve students’ understanding of how Physics and Engineering principles are applied in solving real world problems. This is accomplished by representing Badin in a nationwide contest in which teams compete in analyzing and solving realistic Engineering problems.

Magnified Giving – Mrs. Halverson
Magnified Giving is a service organization open to students of all grade levels. Badin’s Magnified Giving chapter works with the greater non-profit. Magnified Giving is a Midwest-based, nonprofit educational organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. MG’s mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, and to touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others, and magnify the impact of philanthropy.

Meet, Serve, Grow – Mrs. Halverson
Meet, Serve, Grow is open to students of all grade levels. Meet, Serve, Grow is a program that allows students to go to local nonprofits, meet the directors and hear about the issues faced, serve at the agency, and reflect on how that service calls them to grow. These experiences are offered throughout the year at various local nonprofit agencies such as The Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton, Open Door Food Pantry, Hamilton Living Waters Ministry, The Caring Closet, and Shared Harvest.

M & M Program – Mr. Imhoff
This group is open to Badin juniors and seniors. M&M is a student – to – student program which offers support, helps resolve conflict and works with younger students to get adjusted to high school.

National Honor Society – Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Seitz and Mr. Stewart
Badin’s chapter of the National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors who have a grade point average of at least 3.8 and meet the requirements established by NHS. Students who meet the requirements are considered for membership and if accepted are ‘tapped’ in their junior or senior year.

Ping Pong Club – Mr. Imhoff
The Ping Pong Club at Badin is open to students of all grade levels. The Ping Pong Club takes place during the 2nd and 3rd quarters and is held on the school’s campus. This club’s primary purpose is to teach the game of ping pong and to give students a stress-free place to enjoy friendly competition with their peers.

Respect Life Club – Mrs. Helms
The Respect Life Club at Badin is open to students of all grade levels. The goal of this club is to promote LIFE at all stages. By exploring a variety of topics, club members will be able to speak intelligently and comprehensively about life issues.

Ski Club – Mr. Chad Oberson & Mr. Imhoff
The Ski Club at Badin is open to students of all grade levels. The purpose of the Ski Club is to teach students the basics of snow skiing, develop a love of the outdoors, and have fun with their fellow students. The group will be skiing at Perfect North Slopes.

Spirit Club
The Spirit Club at Badin is open to students of all grade levels. The Spirit Club’s sole purpose is to promote school spirit and RAMPRIDE.

Student Council – Mrs. Keating
Badin’s Student Council is open to students of all grade levels. Student council members are representative of the Badin student body before the school’s administration. Members serve to promote unity, cooperation, and spirit at Badin. Members work to create sincere devotion, dedication and a sense of loyalty within the students for their school. This group is responsible for the planning of many school events.