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Ministry & Faith Life

Campus Ministry is alive and well at Badin High School despite the strange times we are facing. Our retreat program is pushing forward as we modify our programming and numbers to adhere to state and local guidelines. Our students are serving our community with fervor and faith. All who are impacted by the Corona Virus are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Please pray for us as we continue to guide our students on their faith journeys.

Religion Courses

Grade 9

Focus includes an understanding of attending a Catholic school. Curriculum focuses on both Old and New Testament studies.

Grade 10

Focus includes increased participation in faith activities at a Catholic high school. Curriculum consists of Church History, Sacraments, and Basic Beliefs.

Grade 11

Focus includes increased faith leadership within the school community. Course curriculum consists of Morality and Social Justice.

Grade 12

Focus includes a growing responsibility for each student’s own faith development, faith leadership, and spiritual growth. Curriculum consists of World Religions and Christian Lifestyles.

Campus Ministry

Faith development is the cornerstone of our mission. Its focus on spiritual and moral growth, outreach and service to others, welcomes all students, regardless of religious affiliation. There is a place for everyone! As a Catholic high school within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Badin is founded in faith and tradition. Roughly 85% of our students are Roman Catholic, but all students are encouraged to fully live his/her own faith as they continue on their spiritual journey in high school.

Retreat Program

At Badin, retreat is an opportunity for students to get away from the reality of daily life where they can gain much needed perspective on various aspects of life to help them grow spiritually, emotionally and maturely. All retreats are a requirement for each student at every grade level! All retreat fees are charged to a students’ FACTS account. We believe that retreat is a gift for all to enjoy!

Freshman Ramily Retreat

Freshman Retreat
Freshman Retreat

Each year members of the freshman class participate in a 1-day retreat off campus at a local YMCA camp. Boys and girls attend on separate days so that while participating in a variety of low-level ROPES activities they are able to be fully present both physically and emotionally. This retreat is led by leaders from our junior class which allows our freshmen the opportunity to learn from one another and from the junior leadership team


Sophomore HOPE Retreat

Sophomore JOY Retreat

All sophomores attend a one-night retreat led by members of the senior class. With a focus on HOPE (Hold Onto Prayer Everyday), sophomores will be given an opportunity to grow in faith and class unity while examining the relationships that are truly important in life.


Junior Retreat

VIRIBUS Junior Retreat
(veer i bis) Viribus is Latin for strength.

Inspired by Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” the Viribus Junior Retreat at Badin High School is a 1-night retreat experience whose main purpose is to allow juniors the chance to consider their areas of strength as a person of faith. Main topics include Strength of Conviction, Strength in Adversity, Strength of Community, and Strength of the Heart. Led by Badin Alumni Leaders and facilitated by Badin Faculty & Staff, juniors will have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of how faith can provide strength and guidance in all areas of life.

1-night retreat (approx. 3pm – 3pm)

Senior Kairos Retreat

Badin Kairos 25th Anniversary logo

Kairos is a 4 day retreat for all of our seniors. This retreat is led by a peer leadership team as well as members of Badin's faculty / staff. This retreat is an opportunity for students to look at Christ in their lives and to gain valuable perspective on relationships with themselves, friends, family and their faith. Discovery of the focus of Kairos is a process; each activity builds upon the others and leads to future activities. There are numerous 'surprises' that come at specific points in the retreat for very specific purposes! Spiritual, personal, and emotional growth are all goals of this retreat!

Seasonal Prayer Services

Prayer Service

Throughout the year, students are invited to attend and participate in seasonal prayer services and experiences. May Crowning and Live Stations of the Cross are just two examples.




Badin celebrates all-school Liturgy every month. Students help with the preparation, participation and music for each mass. Parents and friends of Badin are welcome to join us at any mass!.



Badin Campus Ministry is committed to making a difference in the world. Through a variety of activities and events, Badin Campus Ministry makes every effort to engage students in responsible citizenship efforts, aid those in need and much more. Examples include 2020 ‘Election Civilize It’ campaign, Gift card donations for other Catholic schools damaged in natural disasters, St. Mildred Outreach Retreat and more.

Pastoral Ministry/Wellness

Students' needs are an important aspect of faith development at Badin High School. Nurturing and supporting each student is a goal of Badin Campus Ministry. The Office of Campus Ministry aims to be a place where ALL students are welcome and respected. We work to ensure a consistency of service and diligent attention to the wellbeing of our students.

Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall

A Christian Prayer Wall is a designated place for people to post their prayer needs and intentions. In response, a community of believers will pray for the posted requests. Prayer “walls” can even be found online, amongst a community of believers, where one can find prayer requests from fellow believers on these sites. At Badin, we have a prayer wall outside the Office of Campus Ministry. Students, faculty, staff, friends, and family are invited to post prayer requests on the Badin Prayer Wall. Please let us offer our prayers for your intentions. Together our prayers have greater strength. (Prayer requests will be left on the wall until the person who wrote it chooses to erase his/her prayer request or until we have run out of room, at which time older requests will be removed to make room for newer ones.) Only appropriate requests will be permitted.

May God bless you and keep you today and everyday!

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur


On October 18, 2018, Badin High School was blessed to sign a re-affiliation agreement with the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. As founders of Badin, the charisms of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are a vital part of our mission at Badin. The Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community are guiding principles for the entire Badin Community. The relationship that has been established with the Sisters of Notre Dame has brought great honor and joy to our students, faculty, staff and community!


Faith life leaders Mrs. Halverson and Mrs. Helms