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Graduation Requirements

Class of 2018 and beyond

Classes 2018 and beyond must pass End of Course (EOC) exams in English I and II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, US History and Government. Scores range from 1 - 5 with students needing a total of 18 points over all 7 tests to earn their diploma. Additional requirements include at least 4 total points in English and 4 total points in Math and 6 total points across Social Studies and Science.

A student must also have 20 credits of academic studies plus one credit of Religious Studies for each year of attendance at Badin High School. The twenty units of Academic Study must include the following:

  • Four credits of English
  • Three and one half credits of Social Studies including World History, US History and Government
  • Four credits of Mathematics. (Must include Algebra II) Students are required to take math each year as a Badin student
  • Three credits of Science
  • One credit of Visual/Performing Arts
  • One-half credit of Health
  • One-half credit of Physical Education (One full year of Physical Education)
  • One Unit of Computer Technology (All Badin students are required to take this course at Badin as it include Financial Literacy standards)
  • Two and one-half unit of additional elective credits


  • One year of Religious Studies for each year of attendance at Badin High School.
  • *Peterson Scholarship students are required to take EOC tests beginning the spring of 2016.

*To qualify for senior academic awards, a student must have been enrolled at Badin High School for a minimum of 6 full semesters. College Credit Plus (CCP} classes taken off campus or online will not be factored into earning a Senior Academic Awards.


A great deal of confusion has been generated about the courses needed for unconditional acceptance into a university in the state of Ohio for the pursuit of a four-year baccalaureate degree. To eliminate confusion, the Ohio Admissions Counselors have recommended that students take the following safe curriculum in high school. The safe curriculum includes the following:

  • Four credits of English
  • Four credits of Science
  • Four credits of Math
  • Three and one-half credits of Social Studies
  • Two units of a foreign language minimum and three years is recommended
  • One unit of visual/performing Arts

Completion of these units along with the required elective credit (Foreign Language is an elective) provides a base for acceptance to college. If a student does not have the required credit he/she may be forced to take additional coursework which may or may not count towards their college graduation. Parents and Students are encouraged to thoroughly investigate and understand the differentrequirements for admission at colleges and universities they are interested in attending.