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Performing Arts at Badin

Badin’s unique music program offers an open and exciting atmosphere for students to play the instrument of their choice. Together, students learn songs both old and new that appeal to a wide variety. The Music Department opportunities include: Liturgical Music Group, Jazz Band, Music Technology, Badin Rocks Ensemble and Guitar Classes.

Discovering the love of music and having fun is the goal. We invite all who are interested to participate in the Badin Music experience!

Music Opportunities

Badin Rocks Ensemble

The Badin Rocks Ensemble consists of musicians collaborating to develop multi-genre stage performances. The ensemble consists of male and female Vocalists, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Horns, Percussion, Advanced Music Technology Students as well as any other instruments students would like to play.

The class will develop each student’s ability to prepare for performances, read music, improvise, collaborate with others and ultimately perform musically at a high level. The ensemble performs at Badin football and basketball games, as well as seasonal concerts and other special events. Due to the course’s progressive and vast content from Rock and Country to Traditional Band and Jazz repertoire, it is taught simultaneously by our music staff, Mrs. McCormick and Mr. McCormick.

Guitar Program, Beginner & Advanced

The Beginner and Advanced Guitar Program encourages students to learn popular songs that they enjoy while gaining an understanding of the guitar and music in general. Both classes include varying degrees of music notation reading, improvisation skills, ear training and all other aspects of becoming a well rounded guitar player. The goal is for the student to be able to express themselves musically through the guitar and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Piano Class, Beginner & Advanced

Piano class is open to all students with an interest in playing piano/keyboard, regardless of their level of experience. Classes and repertoire will move at the pace of each individual student. The curriculum will consist of major and minor scales, chords, accompaniment patterns, reading musical notation, following a "lead sheet", improvising, as well as effective practice habits, all while playing songs of their choosing. Assessments will be based on class participation, practice discipline, and performance.

Music Technology Class

Music Technology introduces students to various aspects of music and digital media production. Students apply the tools of technology and the language of music to create contemporary and original musical pieces.

Specific skills and knowledge of recording, digital editing, live sound reinforcement, and various music software programs are acquired in this course. Only an enjoyment of music is necessary to have fun in this hands-on, project oriented class.

Liturgical Music Group

The Liturgical Music group plays at all the masses for the school. The group is open to all students who would like to play and sing during the school masses. The Liturgical Music Group meets during 7th or 8th period of the school day prior to a mass. The group is led by Mrs. McCormick and Mr. McCormick. The goal of the group is to help celebrate the mass and further students musical and Catholic development.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is designed to give existing music students a challenging and rewarding experience rooted in music reading and advanced improvisation skills. The experience will give students a greater detailed knowledge of the Jazz genre by playing challenging and fun pieces of music. By playing Jazz music daily, students will become more confident in improvisation, chord comping, and overall music theory understanding and application. This course will be extremely beneficial for students looking to pursue music at the collegiate level and for those who look to enjoy music at a high level in their personal lives.

All musicians and vocalists are welcome to join the Jazz group with the approval of the Badin Music Department. The group will typically be a combo style group of between 6 and 12 students. Jazz Band is a course that can be taken during school, and is also open to students who would like to play Jazz but not enrolled in the class. The Jazz Band meets once a week after school to rehearse and have fun.

After School Music Opportunities

The Badin Music Department offers a different opportunity after school each day. Whether you are enrolled in a music class or not, these opportunities are provided at no cost and open to all students. These are great opportunities for any students who want to be involved in music, but do not have a music class scheduled. These classes are also outstanding for students who are already enrolled in classes and want to learn a new instrument, or expand their abilities. All classes occur after school for 1 hour from 2:30pm - 3:30pm in the Music Room.

  • Monday - Badin Recording Club - This is a new opportunity for students who are interested in recording music of any kind.
  • Tuesday - String Ensemble - Learn to play Violin, Cello, Upright Bass, Viola, Classical Guitar.
  • Wednesday - Guitar Music Reading Class - Take your guitar playing to the next level.
  • Thursday - Badin Rocks - Learn to play any instrument and sing while playing songs chosen by you (the students).
  • Friday - Jazz Band - Jam out (in a Jazzy way) on any instrument including vocals.

All classes occur as long as Badin has school that day. All opportunities begin this week. All students need to do is show up. Please note that students are free to join the classes at anytime. For example, if you play a fall sport and have practice please feel free to join when that season has ended. Please note that we will do our best to provide an instrument for free. Our goal is to make music fun and easily accessible for all students.

Music Department Faculty

Elaina McCormick, B.A., M.M.
Band & Jazz Band

Matt McCormick, B.S.
Band, Music Tech & Guitar