March 1, 2018

Badin’s Krug appointed to U.S. Naval Academy

He didn’t recognize the incoming number on his cell phone, but Badin High School senior Ethan Krug was glad he answered the call.

It was U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson, and he had some great news for Ethan – word that Krug had been appointed to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

“I’ve worked really hard for this,” Krug said. “At first, I was just speechless. But now, I feel a sense of relief. This is like a lifelong dream come true.”

Krug is the son of Thomas and Barbara Krug of Fairfield Township and a graduate of Fairfield Middle School. His uncle is a Naval Academy grad, and Ethan has been thinking about the academy for quite some time.

“It was a grueling application process, honestly,” Krug said. “They said it would be like 11 applications in one, and they were right.

“I spent a week at the academy during a summer seminar there last year,” Krug added. “They made it a model of what an actual week of the school would be like. I really enjoyed it.”

“It’s been an honor to be on this journey with Ethan,” said Mrs. Angela Bucheit, Krug’s guidance counselor at Badin. “He has known for a while that it was his dream to go to the United States Naval Academy, and through this entire process he has had a laser-sharp focus. I am so thrilled to see his dream come true.

“Ethan is an excellent student and an even better person,” Bucheit added. “Great things are ahead for him.”

Badin High School has had students appointed to the Naval Academy in consecutive years – 2017 BHS grad Andrew Walsh is currently a freshman at the academy.

Krug is leaning toward a major in Chemistry and would like to be a Navy SEAL.

He’s had an active career at Badin, with three seasons as the varsity soccer goalie, two seasons as the varsity football kicker, as a member of the Ambassador program and the M&M mentors program. He was inducted into National Honor Society as a junior and is a member of the Scholar Leader Academy.

“It’s been a phenomenal experience,” Krug said. “I couldn’t have dreamed of having a better four years. It was definitely a big change for me (coming from Fairfield Middle), but I’m glad I made the decision. I’ve really dedicated myself to the service opportunities at Badin, and that’s been a big part of the experience.”

After he got the phone call from Davidson, Krug said he checked the admissions web site. Two days later, his official status changed to “admitted.” That, he said, was when it was finally time to celebrate.

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