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September 12, 2018

Tech teacher David Gretz named Badin’s ‘Educator of the Year’


David Gretz has seen the technology program go from zero-to-60 during his tenure at Badin High School, and he has been in the driver’s seat for all of it.

Gretz, now in his 18th year teaching technology at Badin, is the school’s Educator of the Year recipient in the annual Harry T. Wilks “Hamilton Celebrates Education” awards event for 2018.

“It is extremely rewarding and gratifying to work with the people I work with and teach the students I teach,” Gretz said. “They are enthusiastic learners and I’m really lucky to teach students who see technology as important in their lives.”

When Gretz started at Badin in the fall semester of 2001, he was teaching keyboarding with an emphasis on word processing, spread sheets and presentations.

Now, Gretz directs an Advance Placement Computer Science Principles class, as well as Game Theory & Design and Robotics classes, and three levels of programming.

“I’m proud of the technology program that has developed at Badin and how the administration has supported the costs involved in making it a substantive program,” Gretz said.

A native of Columbus, Gretz has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and operations research from Franklin University there, and has been teaching for 24 years.

“I was initially interested in computers as a hobby, but over time I became the go-to person for people when they had problems with their technology,” Gretz noted. “I thought it was better to teach people how to fix the problem themselves rather than for me to just fix the problem for them and walk away.”

In December of 2011, Badin announced that it would become just the second high school in the state of Ohio with 1-to-1 iPad technology for every student in the school.

“Before the iPad explosion, students’ exposure to technology in education was limited to those who would take tech classes,” Gretz noted. “Now, technology has gone to the masses and you have the opportunity to show every student how they can use it effectively.”

Gretz oversees Badin’s after-school tech club, the INTERalliance, a program that involves high schools throughout Southwest Ohio and beyond. Last year, a group of Badin students earned the top award in the program’s annual Tech Olympics Showcase in downtown Cincinnati.

“The AP Computer Science class has really enabled seniors to develop additional interest in the possibility of a future in technology,” Gretz noted. “I’m not looking to create a bunch of programmers in the classes that I teach. What I’m looking to do is make a bunch of people comfortable with technology.”

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