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May 23, 2023

Badin High students earn Department Awards

In the first of what will be a yearly presentation, Badin High School recognized Department Award winners from all four grades at its annual all-school $250,000 Scholarship Signing Day on Wednesday morning, May 17.

“This was a new aspect of this prestigious event, and we were glad to do it,” BHS Principal Patrick Keating said. “Giving Department Awards to all four grades was something we had not done before, but the students were buzzing during the assembly. They were excited to see their classmates recognized for excellence in the various subject matter.”

Badin had presented Department Awards in the past, but that was done at an evening event and awards went to seniors only. The decision was made this year to include all grades and do it in front of the entire student body in order to honor successful students and energize others to follow their lead.

Senior Department Award winners were:

  • The Joe DeAngelo Business Award: Allison Vess
  • English: June Meehan
  • Math: Jimmy Zettler
  • Performing Arts: Juliet Lowery
  • Religion: Adam Wilson
  • Science: Mary Giffen
  • Tom Rains Social Studies Award:Lauren Stidham
  • Visual Arts: Olivia Blanton
  • World Language: Ethan Gibson

Junior Department Awards: Grace Glover (Business); Abbie Krazl (English); Rudy Joesting (Math); Samantha Keil (Performing Arts); Madison Zorb (Religion); Paige Butler (Science); Maggie Peter (Social Studies); Julia Cogan (Visual Arts); Paige Harris (World Languages).

Sophomore Department Awards: Naomi Samples (Business); Josie Halverson (English); Molly Black (Math); Jocelyn Brenot (Performing Arts); Nick Drott (Religion); Audrey Nickell (Science); Ben Welch (Social Studies); Elizabeth Carruthers (Visual Arts); Annika Patel (World Languages).

Freshman Department Awards: Natalie Knapp (Business); Ellie Middleswarth (English); Max Snellgrove (Math); Olivia Snyder (Performing Arts); Kendyl Haire (Religion); Jake Tokarczyk (Science); Mason Thomas (Social Studies); Gavin Miller (Visual Arts); Olivia Klefeker (World Languages).

Badin, a four-grade co-ed Catholic high school on New London Road in Hamilton, has 644 students in the four grades for the 2022-23 school year.

Contact: Dirk Q. Allen, or (513) 869-4490

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Badin High students earn Department Awards