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August 29, 2023

Kiefer calls post as Badin SRO ‘a perfect fit’

Terry Kiefer did not stay retired for long, and Badin High School is the beneficiary of that.

Kiefer is Badin’s first School Resource Officer, calling the job, “A perfect fit for me. It’s been great -- a seamless transition. It’s everything I expected it to be.”

Kiefer, who will turn 49 years old in October, retired from the Hamilton Police Department in May and started at Badin on August 14.

Badin Principal Patrick Keating ’07 said the school had been considering adding an SRO to the staff, and feels it’s working out well.

“Adding a School Resource Officer has brought an additional safety measure to our campus, and adds tremendous benefits to our school community,” Keating said. “Officer Kiefer is doing a great job getting to know our staff and students and working to ensure that Badin remains a safe and secure campus.”

Kiefer, who was rehired by HPD to take the post at Badin, said he intended to “keep the students and staff as safe as possible. I want them to feel comfortable talking to me. I want to high-five them, fist bump with them, and be a part of the Badin community.”

Kiefer and his wife, Khara, have one daughter, Phebe, a Queen of Peace graduate, who is a freshman at Badin.

“I have a vested interest in this place – my daughter is here,” Kiefer nodded. “There’s no way I could say no to this opportunity.

“I don’t want the days for students and staff to change in any way because I’m here,” he added. “As a parent, I love the fact that SROs exist. Schools have had them in their hallways for years.”

Keating noted that Badin has been diligent about enhancing school safety for the past decade, “and Officer Kiefer is assisting us in taking the next steps to make sure that Badin’s students and staff are safe.”

Kiefer, a 1994 graduate of Talawanda High School, graduated from the Police Academy through the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. He worked with the Sheriff’s Office through 2003, then joined the Hamilton Police Department. He was with HPD as a patrol officer for two decades, spending five of the last seven years on the Main Street walking beat from the Great Miami River to Eaton Avenue.

“I hope my presence offers a big deterrent, especially with my cruiser parked in front,” Kiefer said of ongoing issues with school violence. “So many school officials say, ‘It will never happen here’ – but, unfortunately, sometimes it does.”

By being present and approachable, Kiefer plans to help maintain the safe and secure environment that Badin High School has enjoyed for nearly 60 years.

Contact: Dirk Q. Allen, or (513) 869-4490

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Kiefer calls post as Badin SRO ‘a perfect fit’