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December 14, 2023

Brinkman has turned the routine into ‘Must See’ classes at Badin

Christine Brinkman thought she might want to be the next Erin Andrews, breaking sports news and prowling the NFL sidelines for a major sports network – until she didn’t.

The Health and Physical Education teacher at Badin High School was working as a summer camp counselor after her freshman year in college and enjoying her interaction with fellow counselors.

“They always had such fun and were enjoyable to talk to – I asked them what they did in college,” Brinkman recalled. “They were all Phys Ed majors – so I changed my major from Communications to Phys Ed.”

Brinkman, in her second year at Badin, has turned her classes from routine graduation requirements into “Must See” courses.

“I like interacting with the kids, building relationships with the students,” said Brinkman, who came to Badin after eight years at St. Gabriel School in Glendale. “I get to see everyone; I get to know nearly every student in the building. They have great stories – they make you laugh every day.”

“Christine jumped into the Badin community and immediately had a profound impact on the realm of our Health and Physical Education classes,” BHS Principal Patrick Keating said. “She has revamped our Physical Education classes to better suit the needs of students and their interests in receiving their Phys Ed credit.”

Brinkman, a 2010 University of Dayton graduate, has created a Team Sports class and a Fitness class so that students have a choice of what type of Phys Ed they take.

“Some students don’t want to play a sport with a ball,” Brinkman said. “So now they have an option. For years, I taught group exercise classes, and I wanted to bring my love of teaching those classes to Badin. It’s gone well. Last year, I had 20 students in gym class. This year, my classes are full.”

“Christine’s classes are creative and she approaches everything with such a positive attitude,” Keating said. “We’re blessed to have her at Badin.”

Health class is another state requirement and Brinkman is “really trying to make Health class important. I had a student who didn’t like the class last year. But he came up to me this year and thanked me – because over the summer, he’d helped save a life. He was on the phone with a dispatcher and, because of the class, felt comfortable with what he needed to do.”

“I try to use the Health class to help students, primarily freshman, learn to take care of their whole self,” she added. “I love incorporating positive activities for the students in the areas of social, emotional, physical and mental health. Taking care of yourself in those ways is really a lifelong activity.”

Brinkman -- who played softball at Mount Notre Dame High in Cincinnati and is married with three children -- has brought her athletic creativity to Badin.

Her Fitness class has included ballroom dancing, line dancing, Pilates and yoga. The Team Sports class has included badminton, pickle ball, ultimate Frisbee along with what she calls “the classics” of kickball and whiffle ball.

“I want the students to do something in Phys Ed class – to enjoy playing with each other and having healthy competition,” Brinkman said. “I want them to be engaged. When everyone is in there laughing and having fun, that’s what it’s all about. I enjoy that.”

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