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Remote-Learning at Badin


The purpose of remote-learning days is to ensure learning continues on days when we are unable to be physically present at Badin to learn. During Remote-Learning days, teachers provide instruction to students virtually, or use an online platform like Zoom or Google. Online experiences may include assignments posted via Google Classroom, individual or group work completed in Google (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc.), viewing a short video and responding, real-time video conferencing with Zoom, flipped classroom lessons, and lessons on various apps. Even though students are not physically on campus, class activities will take place from 9:00-2:00, Monday through Thursday. Some classes will be taking attendance. Fridays will give students a chance to finish homework and also contact teachers if necessary. In addition to guaranteeing continuity of learning, remote-learning better prepares students for college classes as collegiate courses expect online learners to be engaged and present in the learning environment.

View this week’s update from Mr. Keating HERE


Beginning April 20 after Spring Break, Badin students will be on the following schedule for Remote Learning.

Post-break Bell Schedule for Remote-Learning

How classes are structured

  • Teachers may create a video for students to watch and an assignment afterwards
  • Direct instruction/discussion on Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • Instruction to work on an assignment/project during that time - teachers may be available via Zoom or email if you have immediate questions
  • Assessment - if you have a quiz or test - this will be a time that you take it


  • If you have a Zoom or live lecture that is required, attendance will be taken.
  • If you are missing, teachers will follow up with you after class. You may lose participation points.

Teacher Office Hours/Student Work Day (FRIDAY) - Structure

  • Teachers are available from 9 am - 2:00 pm to Zoom/chat/answer emails and questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Click Here for Letter from Mr. Keating, April 6, 2020



Students who are part of Badin’s Academic Support Program are entitled to their accommodations. Teachers will be mindful of the pacing of their courses in creating assignments, activities, and assessments for students with accommodations, and they will work to mirror their current course expectations. Teachers were reminded that when making decisions about students with accommodations, they need to consider whether the problems a student might be having are a result of excess work-flow or a lack of understanding of content. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Mr. Bill Valerius with accommodation questions or needs.


Mr. Treadway and Mrs. Bucheit will be available and accessible via email on a daily basis from 9:00-2:00 PM. Should you need to reach your guidance counselor for any reason you can email them.. The counselors are available to work with the students, and help them navigate this new format of learning


For those students who do not have internet service and/or cannot access internet service from a public place, here are a few suggestions:

1. You can “hotspot” from your phone, if you have an unlimited data plan.

2. With cell phones having access to Wi-Fi, your cell phone can become your tool, if you have the apps downloaded. Students will need both the Zoom app and the Google apps to work off their phones.

3. If the ability to hotspot is not an option for you, or you do not have a cell phone, please communicate with your guidance counselor and all of your teachers using email or by leaving a voicemail message on their school mailbox. Counselors will help students navigate this with you.

4. If your teacher is providing instruction in real-time using our Zoom platform, Zoom allows students to join the class using a phone line only. This will not provide you the visual component, but it will allow students to listen to the class.

Issues and Concerns about Technology or Remote-Learning

  • Google Classroom or iPads: Students or parents who are having technology issues with Google Classroom or their iPad can email the Badin HelpDesk - helpdesk@BadinHS.org. Mr. Memory and/or Mr. Andrews will help you.
  • E-Learning: If you have questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions related to remote-learning or technology, You can send an email to Mr. Keating at pkeating@BadinHS.org. Our goal is to respond within 24 - 48 hours.

Tips for Remote Learning

Communicate Often

  • Reach out to your teachers to find out how and when your classes will be held.
  • Check Google Classroom often for updates. Your teachers will contact you with information regarding scheduled tests and exams.
  • Contact the HelpDesk - helpdesk@BadinHS.org if you have questions about tech tools.
  • Participate in virtual office hours

Stay Organized

  • Take the time to put together the schedule and expectations for each of your classes. Check Google Classroom for updates to your syllabus.
  • Prioritize your work. What due dates are coming up first? Make a smart decision about how to best spend your time.
  • Give yourself plenty of time when turning in important assignments and tests. Don't wait until the last second, just in case you encounter technical issues.

Take care of yourself

  • Stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition and exercise. Take proactive steps to take care of yourself.
  • Keep a growth mindset as you adapt to new circumstances. Your success has as much to do with your effort as it has to do with your ability.
  • Monitor your self-talk and stay positive.
  • If you are struggling, please reach out to your parents, friend or to someone at Badin - teachers, administrators, counselors, etc.

Manage your environment

  • Schedule specific times in your day to dedicate to studying or participating in your online class. Check with your teacher if you should be calling into live Zoom broadcasts.
  • Consider using the "Do Not Disturb" function on your devices or a lockdown browser on your computer when you are trying to manage distraction.
  • Find a space that is comfortable and allows you to focus. This can be your home base for school work.

Stay engaged

  • Communicate regularly with your teachers for updates.
  • Don't forget to call, text and message friends, family and classmates.
  • Take your student organization meetings to Zoom or hold a group chat to stay in touch.

Ask for help

  • We are here for you!
  • Tech issues? Contact Mr. Memory and Mr. Andrews at helpdesk@BadinHS.org.
  • Contact your teacher for resources specific to your classes.
  • Academic Support help needed? Contact Mr. Valerius