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Scholar Leader Academy

The mission of the Scholar-Leader Academy is to profoundly shape the way our top academic students THINK, ACHIEVE, SERVE and LEAD.

2017-2018 Curriculum

B the Difference Leadership Retreat--All
Student Leadership Challenge Kick-off

Freshman Year
Learn more about yourself, your leadership style and how to tap into your God-given talents to improve your school and community.

  • Naviance training
  • Learn how to use the resume function of Naviance to track all of your high school activities, accomplishments
  • Complete the career and personal profiles in Naviance
  • Participate in the SLA Tutoring program

Sophomore Year
Leadership development, teamwork, college and career planning, philanthropy/community needs

  • Building on Leadership Challenge 5 models
  • Review career inventory from PLAN/PSAT and compare with the career profile in Naviance
  • Begin using PREP ME in Naviance to prepare for ACT/SAT
  • Participate in the SLA Tutoring program

Junior Year
Leadership development, communication skills, networking, career shadowing

  • Lessons on team building
  • Participate in SLA Tutoring program
  • Opportunity to participate in career shadowing
  • Planning for senior project

Senior Year
Leadership development, teamwork, time management, senior project

  • Lessons on teamwork
  • Strength Finders training
  • Participate in the SLA Tutoring program
  • Group meeting time to work on project

Senior Capstone Project
The Scholar-Leader Capstone Project is designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, or goal setting—i.e., skills that will help prepare them for college, modern careers, and adult life.

The project must be chosen by the group in May of their junior year, and must be approved by the Scholar-Leader moderators. Projects must impact a non-profit (can include a school), must be able to be accomplished by graduation, results must be measurable, and must be big enough to involve all members of the group. If funding is necessary, group must raise funds to support the project. Members will need to make a final presentation to a panel of faculty and administrators about the project and the project results, relating elements of the project to the five practices of exemplary leadership.


Meetings of the Full SLA
*Total of 6. Scheduled every other month. Dates and times subject to change with advance notice.
*Location: Cafeteria.
*Time: 2.45-3.30.
Monday, 9/11
Monday, 11/13
Monday, 1/22
Monday, 3/19
Tuesday, 5/1

Class Meetings
*Total of 4. Scheduled every other month. Dates and times subject to change with advance notice.
-Freshmen: Cafeteria
-Sophomores: Little Theater
-Juniors: Room 010
*Time: 2.45-3.30
Monday, 10/16
Monday, 12/4
Monday, 2/12
Monday, 4/16


Leadership Seminar Program

At several meetings throughout the year, the Scholar Leader Academy will host a guest speaker to address the topic of leadership from his or her unique career vantage point. Scholar Leaders will work in small groups to identify and analyze the key leadership themes of each address.


The Scholar Leader Academy tutoring program was established in 2013 as a service project for SLA. Scholar Leaders are required to participate in the program and offer tutoring to fellow students. In 2014, members of the National Honor Society teamed with the SLA to expand the number of available tutors.

Students are referred to the SLA Tutoring program by a teacher or guidance counselor. Tutoring services are offered in all core subject areas in addition to organization and study skills. Referrals and scheduling are all handled online through the Badin website. Teachers and counselors work with Scholar Leaders to determine tutoring goals and objectives based on teacher recommendations.

Scheduling sessions/attendance
Tutoring sessions are held before and after school to accommodate transportation and scheduling challenges. When a student is referred to the SLA tutoring program, parents will be notified by the referring teacher or guidance counselor. Students receiving tutoring assistance must consistently attend scheduled tutoring sessions. If a student must cancel tutoring due to illness or transportation issues, 24 hours notice must be given by emailing the tutor. If appropriate notice is not given, the student will be in jeopardy of losing tutoring services. Parents will be notified if a student misses a tutoring session. Students who repeatedly miss tutoring sessions will be excused from the program.

Important contacts

Joshua Mears, Moderator

Angela Bucheit, Guidance Counselor, last names A-K

Brion Treadway, Guidance Counselor, last names L-Z