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Grant & Scholarship Funds - Frequently Asked Questions

All students attending Badin High School receive tuition assistance because the cost of our tuition does not fully cover the cost of educating each student.

About one third of our families receive additional financial assistance in the form of tuition grants (financial aid) in order to afford a Badin education. Without Badin’s tuition assistance program, Badin’s enrollment would dwindle significantly.

Badin benefactors have established more than 75 grant and scholarship funds to assist Badin families. Questions about establishing a fund at Badin High School? See our Scholarship Fund FAQ

Types of Grant & Scholarship Funds:

Endowed Funds—these funds are invested for long-term growth. Only the interest income is awarded each year, and the corpus of the fund (the original gift amount) is kept in perpetuity. The recommended minimum gift to establish an endowed fund is $10,000. Endowed funds can also be established with smaller gifts. Contact Brian Pendergest in the Advancement Office for more information.

Quasi Endowed Funds—these funds must retain the purpose and intent as specified by the donor in the fund agreement, or the source of the original funds and earnings may be expended only for the specified purpose. The principal (original gift amount) may or may not be invaded based on the criteria established by the donor.

Expendable Funds—donors who aren’t able to make a large initial investment often establish expendable funds for grants and scholarships. In an expendable fund, donors typically make annual contributions to cover the grant or scholarship amount.

Merit Scholarship Program—Badin benefactors offer a number of merit-based scholarships each year. Donors creating the funds establish set criteria for their scholarship award. Badin students go through an application and essay competition each year for many of these scholarships. Badin’s scholarship committee reviews the applications and makes the final selection. Donors or representatives of the donor family may participate in the selection process as allowed by IRS guidelines for scholarship selection criteria.

Badin Scholarships Awards - May 14, 2024

Scholarships awarded to Juniors:

The Jeff Boyle Group Scholarship: Trevor Friedel
The Celeste Broermann Memorial Scholarship: Roscoe Martin
The Joe DeAngelo Memorial Scholarship: Gabriela Martinez
The Erin Golden Memorial Scholarship: Xander Arnold
Jon McLauglin Memorial Scholarship: Logan Karwisch
The Daniel Francis Pate Memorial Scholarship: Ben Welch, Maguire Smith and Trent Owens
The Paul Seal Memorial Scholarship: Trevor Friedel
The Carol Michael Williams Memorial Art Scholarship: Elizabeth Carruthers, Ava Hodgson-Geiger and Claire Mazes
The Dean and Marysue Wright Scholarship: Sam’mya Broyles

Scholarships awarded to graduating Seniors:

The Mike Cappa Memorial Scholarship: Ava Brink
The Patrick Connelly Leadership Scholarship: Grant Wissman
The Kappers Family Scholarship: Anne Whalen
The Kruger and Hodges Scholarship: Miranda Weisenberger
The Jim Hinkel Memorial Scholarship: Eli Little
The Dan and Maribeth Graf Scholarship: Emily Demmel
The Katherine Schindler Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Tokarcyck
Slovisky Family Scholarship: Ethan Martinez and AJ Sackenheim

Five scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen:

The Becker Reed Family Scholarship: Lily Massey
Robert Brennan Memorial Scholarship: Lily Massey and Jesse Santomauro
The Timothy Hare Memorial Scholarship: Sa’rynedi Broyles
The Bob and Nelda Ernst Scholarship: Tessa Riegert, Connor Buelter, Abby Falk, Addy Fleckenstein, Genevieve Gallagher, and Evelyn Robinson
Pay It Forward Scholarship: Neilson Allman, Drew Ressler and Kaitlyn Cochran


Current Badin Grant and Scholarship Funds

Badin Class of 1967 Scholarship

As a 50th reunion class gift, members of the Badin High School Class of 1967 created an endowed fund to provide scholarships for Badin students. The Class of 1967 was Badin’s first graduating class, leaving a profound legacy for current and future Badin students.

Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1969 established an endowment fund in honor of the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Badin High School. This fund is to be used to provide financial aid to Badin students in perpetuity.

Badin Tuition Grant Fund

The Tuition Grant Fund is supported by Badin alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of Badin to provide tuition assistance for families with financial need. Charitable contributions are raised through the Annual Fund, memorials/honorariums and fundraising events.

Allison Baker Memorial Scholarship

Allie Baker was a beautiful young lady inside and out. She shared her sweet disposition and school spirit with others as a Badin cheerleader. She was killed in an automobile accident her sophomore year at Badin in 2006. This scholarship is awarded by the faculty of St. Ann School to an incoming freshman.

Joseph Bayer Memorial Grant

Joseph Bayer was a loyal Badin parent who sent all of his children through Badin. His family established this fund in his memory so that other students could have the same opportunities they had while at Badin. Mr. Bayer was a founding principal of Bayer-Becker Engineers, a highly respected civil engineering firm. Candidates must possess Christian ideals, a strong work ethic and exhibit financial need.

Becker-Reed Family Scholarship

The Becker-Reed families have a proud legacy of Badin, Hamilton Catholic and Notre Dame grads dating back nearly a century. Catholic education is important to them, and for this reason, they have generously established an annual tuition scholarship available to incoming 9th graders coming to Badin from non-traditional feeder schools. This is a competitive merit-based scholarship competition that takes place in the spring each year.

Ann Beer Memorial Scholarship

Badin graduate Ann Beer ‘72 was a teacher in the Edgewood School District when she was tragically killed in the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in 1977. Her parents established this fund in her memory because of her love for Badin and her passion for education. This award recognizes students with financial need who exhibit a caring and involved spirit at school.

David Beitz Memorial Tuition Grant

David Beitz ‘07 died in July 2012 after a brave battle with cancer. David was a special young man who came to Badin his freshman year after previously attending Hamilton city schools. He found a home here and made a lasting impression on the faculty and staff. His Badin friends were by his side throughout his brief illness and brought much joy to his life throughout high school and into adulthood.David’s family established the David Beitz Memorial Tuition Grant Fund in his memory. It will provide financial assistance to a student coming to Badin from a public school.

Robert J. Brennan Memorial Scholarship

Bob was committed to helping students at his parish so they could receive a quality Catholic education. In Bob’s memory, his family created a memorial scholarship to continue his efforts of helping parents who are seeking a quality Catholic education for their son or daughter. The fund provides a renewable scholarship for two incoming freshmen.

The Jeff Boyle Group at Keller Williams Associate Partners Scholarship

The Jeff Boyle Group established this scholarship for students from Queen of Peace Parish attending Badin High School. Qualified applicants must show an interest in entrepreneurship and community service. Jeff Boyle is the team leader for The Jeff Boyle Group. He began his career in real estate in 2009 after spending 10 years in the architecture and design industry where he specialized in residential design. Jeff and his wife, Jodi, live in Hanover Township with their two children.

Celeste Broermann Memorial Scholarship

The Broermann family established this scholarship to honor their sister, Celeste ’66, a former English teacher and coach. They have created a merit-based essay contest for a Badin junior, who must write about facing adversity and how their faith has helped them overcome the odds.

George R. "Bud" Brown, II Scholarship

The George R. "Bud" Brown Scholarship Fund was established by his wife and family to benefit students who seek a Catholic education at Badin High School. The purpose of this scholarship is to help increase the diversity of the student population at Badin. Students from the Hamilton area are the focus of this scholarship with top priority given to students from St. Joe's and the surrounding area.

Mary Maupin Cearley ’34 Memorial Scholarship

The family of Mary Cearley established this scholarship in their grandmother’s name to honor her amazing life of 102 years! Mary was the oldest living alumna of Notre Dame High School when she passed in 2018, graduating in 1934. This award is used for emergency tuition assistance for a current Badin student.

Dan Cox Memorial Fund

The Dan Cox Memorial Fund was established after the sudden death of Coach Dan Cox. Dan was a 1979 graduate of Badin. He began coaching CYO and then moved to Badin. Coach Cox was part of the Badin Football Coaching Staff for many years. His love for coaching and the players earned him the respect of all who played for him. Dan lived out the mission of Badin High School and wanted to help each player to achieve their personal best.

Dr. Vincent and Joyce Davin Scholarship

Joyce Holbrock Davin ‘58 established this scholarship in memory of her husband, Dr. Vince Davin ‘56. The Davin Scholarship offers emergency tuition assistance to a student who is in jeopardy of not returning to Badin because of financial hardship.

Joe DeAngelo Memorial Fund

The Joe DeAngelo Memorial Fund was created by his wife and son after the sudden passing of Joe DeAngelo. Joe was an institution at Badin and made a profound impact on so many students over the years. The DECA program thrived under Joe’s leadership and won numerous awards over the years. Catholic education and DECA were important to Joe, and for this reason, his family established an annual tuition scholarship for current students involved in the Badin marketing program.

Lucy & Frank DeNittis Memorial Scholarship

Lucy DeNittis was a 1938 graduate of Notre Dame High School, the all-girls Catholic high school that preceded Badin. Lucy and her husband, Frank, loved and supported Badin throughout their lives. Lucy established this scholarship because of her love of Badin and Catholic education. Students are chosen for this award based on financial need, a commitment to academics and Christian ideals.

Paul E. Dinkel/Modulars Inc. Scholarship

The Dinkel family established this scholarship in honor of their father, Paul Dinkel. This scholarship is awarded to families in need of emergency tuition assistance.

Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund

During the economic crisis of 2008-2009, Badin established this fund to offer emergency aid for families who were at risk of withdrawing their children because of financial hardships. Badin alumni and friends rally together each year to support this fund.

Bob and Nelda Ernst Scholarship

Bob and Nelda Ernst have been making a difference at Badin High School for decades. As past parents and Badin grandparents, Bob and Nelda wanted to make a Badin education possible for students who show great potential to THINK, ACHIEVE, SERVE and LEAD. The Ernst's value hard work, determination and leadership. They created scholarships for eighth grade graduates of Queen of Peace School and Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School who exemplify these traits and who plan to attend Badin High School. Bob passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on in his children and grandchildren. Bob and Nelda are the proud parents of Dave Ernst ’86 and Kelli Ernst Hodges ’88, and grandparents of Garret ’16, AJ ’17, Shelby ‘19, and Elli Grace.

Dr. Kenneth and Marlene Fiehrer Scholarship

Dr. Ken Fiehrer enjoyed a career in general dentistry that spanned decades. Coming from a large family with a legacy of Catholic elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, Ken and Marlene chose to establish a tuition assistance grant for eighth grade students graduating from St. Ann School, who attend Badin High School and qualify for financial assistance.

Raymond & Wilma Fiehrer Memorial Grant

The late Raymond ‘37 and Wilma Fiehrer were proud supporters of Catholic education and Badin High School. Recipients must exemplify true Christian ideals in their school work, in their extracurricular activities, and in their relationships with others.

Megan Filipek Memorial Scholarship

Megan Filipek ’02 was an outstanding Badin student by every measure. After her tragic death in 2006, her family established this scholarship in her memory to offer emergency financial assistance to Badin students. This scholarship is supported by the Filipek family, memorial contributions from friends and family, as well as a soccer tournament fundraiser in the summer.

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Scholarship

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, a benevolent organization of local men celebrating their Irish heritage, have long supported Badin High School and Catholic education. This scholarship provides emergency tuition assistance for Badin families.

Maureen L. Fritsch Memorial Scholarship

Maureen Molinsky Fritsch ‘59 was a loyal Badin supporter and past Badin parent who lost a valiant battle with cancer in 2002. Her husband, Tom ‘58, wanted to honor her memory by establishing a scholarship for an incoming freshman from St. Peter in Chains who exhibits Christian ideals in and out of the classroom. Candidates must also qualify for financial aid.

Robert Gilreath Memorial Scholarship

Robbie Gilreath ’04 was killed in a car accident in 2012 at the young age of 27. To remember him, his mom established this fund to provide financial aid to students from Queen of Peace parish and school. Robbie will always be remembered for lighting up every room he entered with his smile and his quick wit. He made an impression on teachers and his fellow students as a member of DECA, and retreat leader, and was a friend to all who knew him.

Erin Golden Memorial Scholarship

Erin Golden '08 was the epitome of a Badin Ram. As a student, she was involved in AMP (Athletes Making Progress), TAG and a student ambassador. She was most proud of being selected to attend the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Ranch and her participation as a key member of the state championship Girls soccer team (State Champs in 2005 and state runner ups in 2006 and 2007). In 2012, Erin was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a cancerous tumor in the brainstem. Erin's spunky, fearless attitude gave her a positive outlook on life. Despite her fearless approach to this devastating diagnosis, Erin left this life on March 11, 2013. Her parents, Marty and Ann Golden, and sister Kim '12, established the Erin Golden Memorial Scholarship in her honor to recognize a current Badin student who exemplifies the type of student Erin was during her years at Badin. This scholarship is awarded to a current junior who has been a student-athlete for 3 years and intends to play their senior year. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who is a recognized leader with an outgoing personality and complete love for Badin and for life.

Guardian Angel Fund

The Guardian Angel Fund was established in 2002 to offer tuition assistance to Badin students who lose a parent during their time as a Badin student. The goal of this fund is to cover the full cost of tuition if a Badin student loses a parent who is the primary wage-earner in the family. The amount of the award is dependent upon available funds.

Hamilton Catholic Alumni Grant

Hamilton Catholic High School for boys was the predecessor school to Badin. A Hamilton Catholic alumnus established this award to recognize a Catholic young man who strives to possess the Hamilton Catholic spirit. Candidates must qualify for financial aid.

Hamilton Catholic-Notre Dame Class of 1966

Grant Hamilton Catholic and Notre Dame High Schools are the predecessor schools to Badin High School. The Class of 1966 uses proceeds from its class reunions to fund a tuition grant each year. This grant is awarded to a student with financial need who exhibits Christian ideals in and out of the classroom and has a positive impact on his or her schoolmates.

Timothy (Tim) M. Hare Memorial Scholarship

Tim Hare '94 loved his family, was an active member of St. Ann Parish and School, and was proud to be a Badin Ram! As a loving tribute, Tim's family established this award to honor his memory. An annual tuition scholarship will be awarded to a current eighth grade student from St. Ann School who qualifies for financial aid and will be attending Badin High School in the fall.

Jeffrey Heinrich Memorial Scholarship

As a captain of the boys' soccer team and a member of the Kairos Core Team, Jeff '02 made a lasting impression on his classmates, teammates, friends and teachers as a kind and spirited young man. Jeff will be remembered for his enthusiasm and energy, his quiet leadership and smile. After his untimely death in 2006, Jeff's family established a scholarship fund in his memory to provide emergency tuition assistance to Badin students. This scholarship is loyally supported by friends and family every year.

Jim Hinkel Memorial Scholarship

“Big Jim” was a proud 1973 Badin graduate that enjoyed all things Badin. He was the life of every party and genuinely enjoyed being around people and making connections. He lost his six-week battle with COVID on August 23, 2020. This scholarship is awarded by the Hinkel family to a graduating senior that is not pursuing a degree at a university or college.

Bernice & Greg Holbrock Scholarship

Bernice and Greg Holbrock established this scholarship to support Badin High School and help fund the education of Badin students. Now deceased, the Holbrock children and their families want to continue to honor their parent’s memory. Award recipients must demonstrate financial need and possess strong Christian ideals.

Kirsch Family Fund

Jack Kirsch '44 established a new unrestricted fund at the Hamilton Community Foundation, for the benefit of Badin High School. Badin will receive an annual distribution from the fund to help underwrite the school's greatest need as determined by the administration.

George and Claire Lane Memorial Grant

Established by the family in memory of their parents, recipients must exhibit true Christian ideals in and out of the classroom, as well as demonstrate financial need.


Jack Loeffler Memorial Scholarship

The family and friends of Jack Loeffler ’61 established this scholarship in memory of Jack. He dedicated his life to helping others, coaching youth sports and to Catholic education. This award is bestowed by the faculty of Sacred Heart School to a Sacred Heart eighth grader who plans to attend Badin High School. The recipient must have participated in athletics sponsored by Sacred Heart Boosters, showed academic promise in the classroom and performed volunteer service in the community.

Terry & Betty Malone Memorial Scholarship

Upon the death of legendary head football coach Terry Malone in 2017, hundreds of former students, players, colleagues and friends paid tribute to Terry by making memorial contributions to the Betty Malone Scholarship Fund. Terry’s name was added to the fund by the Malone family to honor their dad—a man who meant so much to so many as a former history teacher, vice principal, principal, athletic director, driver’s ed instructor, and head football coach. The Terry and Betty Malone Scholarship Fund will now provide four annual scholarships to Badin students who show academic accomplishment, participate in one or more sports, are viewed as leaders on and off the field, and who exhibit financial need.

Maloney Family Memorial Scholarship

Robert Maloney established this scholarship fund in memory of the deceased members of the Maloney family: his devoted wife Vera, daughters Lynn Maloney Collins ’66 and Maureen Maloney Mayer ’74 and son Mike Maloney ’78. Mr. Maloney was an advocate for Catholic education. Award recipients must be eighth grade students who plan to enroll at Badin High School. They must exhibit true Christian ideals and work hard in school. Recipients are chosen by St. Peter in Chains faculty and are announced at eighth grade graduation.

Mary Mathews Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Bill Mathews established this scholarship in memory of his wife, Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Mathews proudly supported Badin High School and Catholic education. This scholarship is awarded by the faculty of St. Peter in Chains school to a student who plans to enroll at Badin.

Steve Mathews Memorial Scholarship

The family of Steve Mathews established this scholarship in his honor, a lifelong educator and proud Badin supporter. This scholarship was established to support an incoming ninth grader from St. Peter School and Sacred Heart School who qualify for financial aid and participate in a sport.

William Mathews Memorial Scholarship

The Mathews family established this scholarship in memory of their father, Bill. Mr. and Mrs. Mathews proudly supported Badin High School and Catholic education. This scholarship is awarded by the faculty of St. Peter in Chains school to a student enrolling at Badin.

William and Elaine McCaughey Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. McCaughey proudly raised 14 children and sent all of them to Badin! In memory of their parents’ sacrifice and commitment to Catholic education, the McCaughey children established this fund to provide emergency tuition assistance for Badin families.

Jon McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

The Jon McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship was established by his wife, children and family members to honor Jon after his unexpected death. This scholarship will honor Jon’s interest in entrepreneurship and athletics.

Carol Nistler Meister '61 Memorial Scholarship

Carol Nistler Meister had a passion for music and education. She was a teacher in Hamilton City Schools and several parochial schools for many years. An avid volunteer, Carol was very active in Partners in Prime, was a member of St. Ann Church, Rosary Society and the church choir. It was Carol's dying wish to establish a Badin scholarship, benefitting a student in the music program. Carol made Badin a beneficiary of her life insurance policy to fund this scholarship in perpetuity.

Robert & MaryLouise Mense Memorial Scholarship

The Mense family established this scholarship in memory of their parents. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate a strong work ethic, and true Christian ideals in their school work, in their extracurricular activities and in their relationships with others. Candidates must qualify for financial aid.

Kevin Miller Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Miller, a 1972 Badin graduate, was well-liked by students and faculty alike. Kevin’s parents, knowing that Kevin had a true love for his alma mater, established a scholarship after his untimely death in 1977. This award recognizes a student who qualifies for financial aid who exhibits a caring and involved spirit at school.

Bill Mulcahey Memorial Grant

Bill Mulcahey 63’, a former Badin faculty member, believed fervently in Catholic education. The recipient must qualify for financial aid, having attended St. Ann’s School.

Dottie & Gus Miserocchi Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established by Gus and Dottie’s daughters—Gina Miserocchi Helms ’90 and Anne Miserocchi Gamm ’96—in memory of their parents after the death of their father, Gus, in 2016. Catholic education was important to Gus and Dottie, and their family’s hope is to continue their support of Badin students for years to come.

John Osso Tuition Assistance Fund

John Osso '40 was a loyal supporter of Catholic education. His Italian immigrant parents worked fervently to provide their children with an education. John, an engineer by trade, in turn, helped to provide for his aging parents and siblings until his death in 2014. It was John's wish to carry on his family's benevolent legacy in perpetuity. Upon his death, John bequeathed his entire estate to Badin High School for the purposes of establishing an endowment to provide financial aid for Badin students.

Josephine Osso Memorial Fund

John Osso ’40 established this fund in memory of his dear sister, Josephine, to offer emergency financial assistance to Badin students.

Daniel Francis Pate Memorial Scholarship

Danny Pate ‘88 was a history teacher at Hamilton High School and a beloved Badin alum. At Hamilton High, Danny coordinated the school’s participation in the annual Civics Day program. To honor his memory, the Pate family has established this scholarship to recognize a Badin student who shares Danny’s love of history and shows an interest in Civic’s Day.

Helen D. Pater Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Helen ’58 in order to provide financial aid to graduates of St. Ann School. Helen was a pioneer of her time, graduating from the College of Mount St. Joseph in 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree. She was a medical technologist for 42 years, most recently playing an instrumental role in the laboratories of Mercy Hospital. She was highly thought of by the doctors, nurses and staff at Mercy, who sought her counsel in areas of medical testing, business and lab procedures.

Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund

A renewable scholarship to support families and students from all backgrounds who are committed to making a difference in their community through public service – especially first responders, members of the military, and teachers. The Pay It Forward Scholarship’s purpose is to "do good, be better and inspire unity."

Pfirman Family Scholarship

Frank ’69 and Joanne Lepera Pfirman ’72 established this scholarship to provide tuition assistance to Badin families. The Pfirman family has a strong history of providing support to Badin High School. In 2005, they made a $1 million gift to fund construction of the Pfirman Family Activity Center.

Pfister Family Scholarship

As the son of a bar owner and the daughter of a baker, Terry '71 and Phyllis Milillo Pfister '71 value Catholic education and the financial hardships many families face when sending their children to Catholic schools. Terry and Phyllis, along with their children, Brent '96, Danielle '98, Andy '01 and Dane '06, have chosen to establish a scholarship to provide tuition grants to St. Ann students enrolling in Badin High School. This scholarship is a renewable award and provides much needed financial assistance throughout the recipient's four years at Badin.

Clarence C. Reimer Scholarship Fund

Upon her death, Betty Bonar left provisions in her will to honor her father, Clarence, by establishing an endowed scholarship fund in his name. Clarence was an accomplished civil and mechanical engineer in Butler County.

Ronnie Schindler Memorial Scholarship

In 1983, the Schindler family suffered the tragic loss of their eldest son, Ronnie Schindler ‘81. Ronnie, a St. Ann graduate, was a well-liked young man who was very involved as a student at Badin High School. His family generously named a scholarship in his memory upon his death, and it has been supported by family and friends every year. The recipient must possess many of the same qualities that made Ronnie so special--he/she is a caring and involved young person at their school and he/she puts forth true effort in the classroom. Candidates must qualify for financial aid.

Dick and Barbara Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

Dick Schmidt was “The Voice of the Rams,” announcing both football and basketball games for many years. He was also a loyal Badin supporter who went door-to-door in the 1960s to raise funds to help build Badin High School. He and his wife, Barbara, raised six children, all of whom graduated from Badin. This scholarship is awarded to a student who participated in CYO or Badin sports, exhibits good character and good study skills. Candidates must qualify for financial aid.

Scholar-Leader Academy Academic Scholarships

Badin High School established the Scholar-Leader Academy in 2011 to recognize students who score in the top 10% of the high school placement test. Academic scholarships ranging from 25% to full-ride, 4-year tuition awards are announced in January of each year.

Paul Seal Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Badin Marketing and DECA, this scholarship was established as a memorial to honor Paul Seal ’69 who died in 2013 after a courageous battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Paul was the first Badin DECA president. He will always be remembered as a true servant leader—he had a strong desire to give back to his school and improve his community. His legacy lives on through is family, his good works, and this scholarship. Paul is survived by his wife, Anna Korb Seal ’69, and their two beautiful daughters.

Irene & Guy Sherman Family Scholarship

Irene and Guy Sherman understand the sacrifice it takes to provide children with a Catholic education. All nine of their children attended Queen of Peace School and Badin High School. As adults--many of whom are making the same sacrifices as their parents--the Sherman children wanted to honor their parents with a scholarship in their name. This scholarship provides a tuition grant to a Badin student from Queen of Peace parish who exhibits financial need.

St. Julie Parish Future Hispanic Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship was created to help form future Hispanic Catholic leaders for the Church and the civic community by making a Badin education possible for local 8th graders who meet the scholarship criteria. This merit-based award prpovides a renewable scholarship for recipients with Hispanic heritage, who are active members of St. Julie Parish, and who qualify for financial aid.

Slovisky Family Scholarship

Established by John and Joanne Slovisky to provide two $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who will be attending a trade school, seeking additional training to enter the workforce, or has established their own small business. They have generously established their scholarship fund to encourage and support graduating Badin seniors who are pursuing a trade or establishing a small business.

Charlene Tucker Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Charlene Tucker was a Badin counselor for many years. Her father, Charles Salie, left a memorial in his will to honor his daughter for her love and commitment to Badin and to the DECA program. This recipient must participate in the marketing program and exhibit financial need.

Tuition Hardship Fund

Tom and Kay Collins established the Tuition Hardship Fund to provide emergency tuition assistance for Badin students. Tom served as Badin's principal from 1987 through 1991. Kay was an instrumental part of the Badin science department from 1990 until her retirement in 2020. They are the parents of two Badin graduates--T.J. '00 and Megan '02.

Ralph Untener Memorial Scholarship

Ralph Untener believed in hard work and Catholic education. As a fitting tribute, his family established this scholarship to underwrite a large portion of the work-study program at Badin High School.

Gregory Vaughn Memorial Scholarship

Greg Vaughn ’03 was a notable Badin graduate whose life ended in a boating accident in 2006. Greg is fondly remembered for his outgoing personality and his love of Badin. This scholarship was established to offer emergency tuition assistance for Badin families.

Carol Michael Williams Art Scholarship

Carol was a 1990 graduate of Badin who fought a valiant battle against cancer before succumbing to it in 2000. The Clarence B. Michael family established this fund in her memory because of her love of Badin and the arts. This scholarship is awarded to the winner of a competitive drawing competition.

Linda J. Wimmers Starfish Scholarship Fund

Linda Wimmers was a beloved Badin faculty member who passed away in 2008, but her spirit lives on at Badin through her family. Linda assisted many students in her time here, in part by helping to pay tuition so that a student could continue to attend Badin. Her husband has created a scholarship fund in her name to help Badin students continue their high school education at the school Linda dedicated her career and loved so dearly. Candidates must qualify for financial aid.

Sally Wesselman Angel in the Dugout Memorial Fund

This fund was created by Sally’s daughter, Chris ’78, to honor her mother’s love for Badin baseball. Sally passed away in 2016, and she will long be remembered for her impact on the Badin Baseball program. Known as the Badin Baseball Grandmother, and Executive Director of Personnel and Etiquette, Sally was a fixture in the Badin dugout and served as scorekeeper and statistician. The Angel in the Dugout Fund was established to build a permanent endowment for the Badin Baseball program.

Dean and Marysue Wright Family Scholarship

Dean and Marysue Wright have been lifelong supporters of Badin High School. Their involvement at Badin has been in several different areas – students, employees, parents, coach and volunteer, to name a few. Catholic education is important to Mr. and Mrs. Wright and therefore established a scholarship in appreciation for all that Badin and Catholic education has done for their family.


Ann Beer Memorial Scholarship

Ann Beer ’72 was tragically killed in the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in 1977, during her first year as a teacher in Edgewood Schools. A graduate of Miami University, Ann was passionate about education. Her parents, Dick ’50 and Joan Hynes Beer ’48, established this scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior planning to attend Miami University and major in education.

Mike Cappa Memorial Scholarship

Mike Cappa ’67 was tragically killed by a drunk driver shortly after his high school graduation. His family established this scholarship in his memory to be awarded to a graduating senior who will attend Miami University and major in Business just as Mike had planned to do. It is one of Badin’s longest running scholarships.

Patrick Connelly Leadership Scholarship

Patrick Connelly ’73 was a natural leader. He had a love of Badin High School and Miami University. Pat’s family established this memorial college scholarship to a graduating senior attending Miami University who exhibits strong leadership skills and has served in leadership roles throughout his or her Badin career.

Dan and Maribeth Graf Family Scholarship

Florence’s was started in 1937 by Florence Graf as a women’s lingerie store and slowly transitioned into a full line of women’s fashion clothing. Florence Graf was a very special person with an outgoing personality, and operated one of very few women-owned businesses that made it through the Great depression. In 1960 her son Dan Graf took over the business and made it into a full women’s boutique store that served Hamilton, Fairfield, Vandalia and Lancaster, Ohio. Dan’s wife Maribeth Graf was a huge part of the success as one of the top women buyers of ladies’ clothing on the East coast and was written up many times in the New York news. Florence’s continued with success until 2002 when competition came in from all over the U.S. making it hard to compete. Since then, Dan and Maribeth’s son Dan Graf JR ‘83, daughter Elizabeth Graf Shalloe ‘81 and granddaughter Melony Shalloe have had great success with their businesses in the fashion industry. The Dan and Maribeth Graf Scholarship will provide assistance to a graduating Badin senior who is pursuing a degree in the fashion design industry.

Rebecca Henes Memorial Scholarship

The family of Becky Henes ’88 awards a college scholarship to a graduating senior girl planning to attend college. Becky was a well-loved classmate and friend. She passed away after a sudden illness shortly after her high school graduation.

Kappers Family Scholarship

Dr. Robert and Joy Kappers, RN volunteered many hours to the Badin community. In honor of their love of medicine and service to Badin, the Kappers family is offering a scholarship to a graduating senior who is planning to pursue a career in healthcare including doctor, nurse, physical therapist or first responder. Recipients must exemplify a commitment to serving others and Christian ideals.

Kruger and Hodges Law Office

Mr. Scott Kruger and Mr. Joshua Hodges have established this scholarship for a graduating senior. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote safe driving habits.

Learn more about their scholarships and other offerings:

Katherine E. Schindler Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Katherine E. Schindler Memorial Scholarship was established by her family to honor her after her untimely passing. Katherine, also known as Kat, was a 2014 graduate of Badin High School. Catholic education is important to the family, and for this reason, they have generously established a scholarship for a graduating senior at Badin High School.

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