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Scholarship Opportunities

Through the generosity of Badin alumni, friends and family, Badin is pleased to offer the following college and department scholarships. All scholarship applications are due in the spring of each year. Applications are reviewed and selected by the scholarship committee. Awards are presented at the Academic Awards Night in May.

Applications are available for download in mid-late winter.

Click on any scholarship name to download the application

Current college scholarships for seniors only:

  1. Ann Beer Memorial Scholarship - Education majors to Miami University
  2. Mike Cappa Memorial Scholarship - Business majors to Miami University
  3. Patrick Connelly Memorial Scholarship  - Any major to Miami University
  4. Katherine E. Schindler Memorial Scholarship - Attending college or joining the work force after graduation

For incoming juniors and seniors:

  1. Carol Michael Williams Scholarship (art department - selected by art faculty). This is a closed competition for current art students. No application is necessary.
  2. Paul Seal Scholarship (Marketing/DECA department scholarship for marketing students only)

For incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors:

  1. Daniel Francis Pate Scholarship (Social Studies Department scholarship)
  2. The Jeff Boyle Group Scholarship (entrepreneurship)
  3. Joe DeAngelo Memorial Fund (Marketing/DECA scholarship for marketing students only)

For incoming freshmen:

  1. The Jeff Boyle Group (also available to incoming freshmen from Queen of Peace School)
  2. Becker-Reed Scholarship
  3. Timothy (Tim) Hare Memorial Scholarship
  4. St. Julie Parish Future Hispanic Leadership Scholarship

See also the Scholar Leader Academy