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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the Students of the Month! The students were selected by a committee based on recommendations by the administration, faculty and staff.

The criteria for the monthly selections include:

  1. Shows school spirit, both on and off campus

  2. Exhibits a positive attitude toward themselves and others

  3. Shows improvement in or has good grades and a strong work ethic

  4. Has good character and leadership qualities

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2018 - 2019 Students of the Month

January, 2019 Students of the Month

January, 2019

Our freshman selection is Haylie Jacobs. Haylie Jacobs has jumped in with both feet and it’s great to have her flying the flag of Badin High School. She is a welcoming influence at Badin and always ready with a smile. As one faculty member noted, “Haylie genuinely represents Badin in a positive way by supporting and caring for her classmates.” If you want to meet someone who bleeds green, she’s the one. Great to have her at Badin. Haylie Jacobs

Our sophomore selection is Maddie Thompson. She doesn’t seek attention, but she definitely earns attention. Maddie is an excellent student, an excellent artist and an excellent athlete. “Maddie tries to fly under the radar,” said one faculty member, “but she is a serious student and an amazing artist who deserves to be recognized for her hard work and the true, unique depth she brings to Badin HS.” … “Simply an outstanding writer,” said another. “She works hard, and it shows.” Yet another winner in the Badin orbit ... Maddie Thompson.

Our junior selection is Emari Smiley. Emari is one of those people who could be nominated every month based on being a difference-maker at Badin HS. He has done a great job helping at basketball games this year as a conscientious scoreboard operator. He’s an upbeat individual with great character. Said one faculty member, “Emari truly lives up to his last name. I can always count on him to help. Recently, he stepped up to take the blame for sliding into someone’s mail box and offered to pay for a replacement. … Based on his honesty, the resident handled the issue himself. Big hearts and smiles for this Ram role model.” That’s our guy, Emari Smiley.

Our senior selection is Brady Rolfes. Hard-working, kind and fun peer-leader are just some of the words used to describe Brady, who was nominated multiple times this month. “Checks ALL the boxes,” said one faculty member. “He is always willing to answer questions even when others in the class are not. Led our first sophomore retreat and stayed to serve even after getting word that his grandmother had died.” Outstanding and great all-around young man are a few more of the compliments directed Brady’s way. Well-earned on his part ... Brady Rolfes


2018-2019 Students of the Month

January, 2019
Freshman - Haylie Jacobs
Sophomore - Maddie Thompson
Junior - Emari Smiley
Senior - Brady Rolfes

December, 2018
Freshman - Brennyn Bell-Bucher
Sophomore - Beth Rothan
Junior - Brode Gibson
Senior - Grace Connaughton

November, 2018
Freshman - Harry Clark
Sophomore - Elaina Jackson
Junior - Kennedy Wissman
Senior - Abbie Proctor

October, 2018
Freshman - Molly Anthony
Sophomore - James Martin
Junior - Emily Sauer
Senior - Sydney Long

September, 2018
Freshman - Jonathan Polido
Sophomore - Tommy Hogan
Junior - Colin Crank
Senior - Maria Carter


2017-2018 Students of the Month

May, 2018
Freshman - Mark Paciorek
Sophomore - Gabi Reising
Junior - Luke VanSteenkiste
Senior - Maddie Maccio

April, 2018
Freshman - Ava Zettler
Sophomore - Keegan Gormley
Junior - Colleen Schindler
Senior - Ethan Krug

March, 2018
Freshman - Paige Long
Sophomore - Kate Dwyer
Junior - Shawn Osborne
Senior - Drew Holderbach

February, 2018
Freshman - Dane Lauer
Sophomore - Lizzie Middendorf
Junior - Sami Raley
Senior - Kenny Pendergest

January, 2018
Freshman - James Martin
Sophomore - Karla Garcia
Junior - Kevin Hock
Senior - Sam Mathews

December, 2017
Freshman - Caroline Kammerer
Sophomore - Elsa Rothan
Junior - Emma Broermann
Senior - Annie Wesner

November, 2017
Freshman - Aidan Saylor
Sophomore - Caitlyn Savage
Junior - Emily Maher
Senior - Jake Middendorf

October, 2017
Freshman - Lauryn Freson
Sophomore - Kateri Wielgos
Junior - Ally Angst
Senior - Will Stewart

September, 2017
Freshman - Caroline Hughes
Sophomore - Jonathan Doepker
Junior - Davon Starks
Senior - Andrew Noelker

2016-2017 Students of the Month

May, 2017
Freshman - Mikayla Kowalski
Sophomore - Mike Rand
Junior - Caleb Meyer
Senior - Laurel Pendergest

April, 2017
Freshman - Samantha Sarvak
Sophomore - Justin Pappas
Junior - Heather O’Hara
Senior - Peter Clements

March, 2017
Freshman - Jillian Smith
Sophomore - KK Meyers
Junior - Maddie Maccio
Senior - Josh Wolpert

February, 2017
Freshman - Nathan Schuster
Sophomore - Andrew Trotter
Junior - Kyle Young
Senior - Ankaier Hairela

January, 2017
Freshman - Jackson Tucci
Sophomore - Chelsea Andorn
Junior - Sophia Nelson
Senior - John Marot

December, 2016
Freshman - Mason Adams
Sophomore - Ellie Gordon
Junior - Nicole Rawlings
Senior - Maeve O’Connell

November, 2016
Freshman - Emily Sauer
Sophomore - Lexi Berkely
Junior - Benny Wang
Senior - Evan Grawe

October, 2016
Freshman - Isabel Ely
Sophomore - Grace Larkin
Junior - Shelby Moore
Senior - Andrew Roell

September, 2016
Freshman - Emma Adams
Sophomore - Shelby Ernst
Junior - Daunte DeCello
Senior - Natalie Barger


2015-2016 Students of the Month

May, 2016
Freshman - Emma Broermann
Sophomore - Taylor Schermer
Junior - Randy Geers
Senior - Zach Larkin

April, 2016
Freshman - Andrew Trotter
Sophomore - Chloe Mallory
Junior - Dominic Grime
Senior - Jack VanSteenkiste

March, 2016
Freshman - Sydney Long
Sophomore - Laura Lamermayer
Junior - Lauren Krause
Senior - Ross Mulcare

February, 2016
Freshman - Chase Hopewell
Sophomore - Kenny Pendergest
Junior - Danielle Ullman
Senior - Mariana Gordon

January, 2016
Freshman - Mia McDulin
Sophomore - Nick Eyl
Junior - Allie Unger
Senior - Kyle Ray

December, 2015
Freshman - Ashley Suttner
Sophomore - Ben Kline
Junior - Molly Robbins
Senior - Rachel Riley

November, 2015
Freshman - Isabelle Munafo
Sophomore - Seth Papania
Junior - Jack Chew
Senior - Danielle Ray

October, 2015
Freshman - Grace Connaughton
Sophomore - Maddie Curtner
Junior - Danielle Pate
Senior - Kaleb Barnes

September, 2015
Freshman - Davon Starks
Sophomore - Jake Middendorf
Junior - Andrew Walsh
Senior - Taylor Smith

2014-2015 Students of the Month

May, 2015
Freshman - Anna Kiep
Sophomore - Peter Clements
Junior - Malia Berkely
Senior - Annika Pater

April, 2015
Freshman - Stephanie O'Neil
Sophomore - Ally Stang
Junior - Kelsey Hillard
Senior - Molli Barger

March, 2015
Freshman - Zac Wilson
Sophomore - Kaitlyn Dick
Junior - Sofie Milillo
Senior - Alex Holderbach

February, 2015
Freshman - Darby Oliver
Sophomore - Lindsey Brinck
Junior - Hannah Broermann
Senior - Adam O'Brien

January, 2015
Freshman - Griffin Heintzman
Sophomore - Juan Minera
Junior - Morgan Deitschel
Senior - Maria Lee

December, 2014
Freshman - Daunte DeCello
Sophomore - Laurel Pendergest
Junior - Emily Driscoll
Senior - Olivia Bishop

November, 2014
Freshman - Maddie Maccio
Sophomore - Zach Simmons
Junior - Cody Boxrucker
Senior - Zack Keene

October 2014
Freshman - Kegan Rogers
Sophomore - Tanner Cornett
Junior - Alex Johnson
Senior - Ashley Schultz

September 2014
Freshman - Jared Berger
Sophomore - Gabby Hogan
Junior - Katie Pohlman
Senior - Kade Carlyle