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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the Students of the Month! The students were selected by a committee based on recommendations by the administration, faculty and staff.

November, 2023

Our freshman selection is Keegan Schultz -- Keegan is making a solid impact, quote, “Frequently participating in class, in a remarkable and impressive way for a freshman,” unquote. And this, “very kind in displaying a consistent work ethic while helping his peers when asked, and is willing to help the Shadow students whenever they visit.” He always displays a positive attitude, and had a memorable welcome to Badin when five upperclass girls wore “Keegan” t-shirts to bring him on board the Ramily. We’re glad he’s here … our freshman Student of the Month, Keegan Schultz

Our sophomore selection is Nick Mangino. -- Nick is setting a strong example in the sophomore class. He “goes above and beyond the expectations. He is always volunteering to help and jumps in with a smile.” And there’s this, “His positive attitude and great work ethic make him a great example of an excellent Badin student.” And finally this, “I am so grateful to have Nick in my class this year.” Something to think about – are teachers grateful to have you in their class? Nicely done by Nick Mangino, our sophomore Student of the Month.

Our junior selection is Andrew Keck –- This is a twin spin for Andrew, who previously won in October of his freshman year, so he’s certainly a quality guy in the Class of 2025. “He’s an amazing young man,” said one faculty member. “Very involved, very active.” Andrew is part of ReMix, did a tremendous job on Junior Retreat, and has been a part of Badin’s theatre program during his career. He’s smart, well-liked, and has the personality of a leader. That’s our junior Student of the Month, Andrew Keck

Our senior selection is Payson Wilks -- Payson transferred to Badin as a junior and has been knocking it out of the park. “Mature, hard-working and a good role model for the younger students.” … “Polite, humble and always willing to help others.” … “Friendly, intelligent and kind. Seeing Payson is always a bright spot in my day.” He’s an outstanding student and was honored by the College Board for his college test performance. He’s taking full advantage of the Badin opportunities and will be ready for whatever comes next. Our senior Student of the Month, Payson Wilks


Past Students of the Month


2023-2024 Students of the Month

November, 2023
Freshman - Keegan Schultz
Sophomore - Nick Mangino
Junior - Andrew Keck
Senior - Payson Wilks

October, 2023
Freshman - Dylan Brown
Sophomore - Camila Oliva
Junior - Kathleen Burke
Senior - Nolan Thomas

September, 2023
Freshman - Olivia Cook
Sophomore - Kira Rohan
Junior - Henry Wolterman
Senior - Ian Price

2022-2023 Students of the Month

May, 2023
Freshman - Dylan Andrews
Sophomore - Josie Halverson
Junior - Luke Franchini
Senior - Reese Anzalone

April, 2023
Freshman - Olivia Klefeker
Sophomore - Michael Shook
Junior - Zach Yordy
Senior - Ava Franchini

March, 2023
Freshman - Cody Knapp
Sophomore - Quinn Riegert
Junior - Madison Zorb
Senior - Abby Wagner

February, 2023
Freshman - Lexi Brecht
Sophomore - Audrey Graf
Junior - Sam Pendergest
Senior - Diego DeCello

January, 2023
Freshman - Lily MacGowan
Sophomore - Abbie Kessler
Junior - Ty Long
Senior - Luke Jensen

December, 2022
Freshman - Jake Tokarczyk
Sophomore - Carley Enginger
Junior - Paige Harris
Senior - Nate Marischen

November, 2022
Freshman - Max Snellgrove
Sophomore - Annika Patel
Junior - Vaughn Smith
Senior - Grace Warner

October, 2022
Freshman - Connor Wood
Sophomore - Macbeth Flores-Ramirez
Junior - Erin McMillan
Senior - Nik Copenhaver

September, 2022
Freshman - Olivia Snyder
Sophomore - Naomi Samples
Junior - Samantha Keil
Senior - Emily Snellgrove


2021-2022 Students of the Month

May, 2022
Freshman - Liz Carruthers
Sophomore - Sophia Williams
Junior - Liam Connaughton
Senior - Andrew Schwartz

April, 2022
Freshman - Gracie Luong
Sophomore - Grace Leitzel
Junior - Morgan Sagedal
Senior - Ben Shanks

March, 2022
Freshman - Eli Wesner
Sophomore - Sami Tokarczyk
Junior - Eva Groh
Senior - Hannah Ballinger

February, 2022
Freshman - Maguire Smith
Sophomore - Addi Schultz
Junior - Patrick Ray
Senior - Austin Trotter

January, 2022
Freshman - Phoebe Krause
Sophomore - Emmy Demmel
Junior - Jimmy McSwain
Senior - Ellie Gibbons

December, 2021
Freshman - Noah Ellis
Sophomore - Halle Klaiber
Junior - June Meehan
Senior - Becca Wolterman

November, 2021
Freshman - Courtney Boomer
Sophomore - Miranda Weisenberger
Junior - Ty Berkely
Senior - Charlie Sarvak

October, 2021
Freshman - Andrew Keck
Sophomore - Grant Wissman
Junior - Olivia Blanton
Senior - Leah Bloomfield

September, 2021
Freshman - Maggie Vinskey
Sophomore - Patrick Farrell
Junior - Ally Shook
Senior - Olivia Blanton

2020-2021 Students of the Month

May, 2021
Freshman - Anthony Jackman
Sophomore - Elizabeth Colonel
Junior - Jack Walsh
Senior - Caroline Hughes

April, 2021
Freshman - Paige Harris
Sophomore - Ava Wesner
Junior - Jonathan Polido
Senior - Abby Sandifer

March, 2021
Freshman - Shelby Mulcare
Sophomore - Marcia Reyes
Junior - Elizabeth Kreimer
Senior - Brady Reichart

February (January)*, 2021
Freshman - Tyler Abner
Sophomore - Lily Oberson
Junior - Carter Cook
Senior - Kim Salerno

December, 2020
Freshman - Payton Strunk
Sophomore - Kendyl Roberts
Junior - Ian Sabourin
Senior - A.J. Enginger

November, 2020
Freshman - Anna Bucheit
Sophomore - Hailey Lipp
Junior - Andrew Chen
Senior - Hannah Riecke

October, 2020
Freshman - Luke Franchini
Sophomore - Trevor Schmidt
Junior - Lexi Von Bargen
Senior - Jacob Collins

September, 2020
Freshman - Skylar Japikse
Sophomore - JJ Even
Junior - Jake Graf
Senior - Aiden Hopkins

*month designation changed to reflect when award given, rather than earned, to reduce confusion.


2019-2020 Students of the Month

February, 2020
Freshman - Alyvia Hegemann
Sophomore - Kaiden Thomas
Junior - Isabella Williams
Senior - Andy Moore

January, 2020
Freshman - Patrick Ray
Sophomore - Olivia Grammel
Junior - Caroline Hughes
Senior - Audrey Horsley

December, 2019
Freshman - Emily Snellgrove
Sophomore - Brandon Burke
Junior - Mitchell Peel
Senior - Kelly Havens

November, 2019
Freshman - JJ Even
Sophomore - Ryleigh Clemmons
Junior - Abby Sandifer
Senior - Will Giffen

October, 2019
Freshman - Madeline DeLong
Sophomore - Elizabeth Kreimer
Junior - John Kline
Senior - Hannah Werner

September, 2019
Freshman - Grace Warner
Sophomore - Lauren Bierer
Junior - Ryan Kirkendall
Senior - Zoey Conrad

2018-2019 Students of the Month

May, 2019
Freshman - Mykhai Brock
Sophomore - Jessica Rosteutscher
Junior - Alex DeLong
Senior - Cullen Gantenberg

April, 2019
Freshman - Ellie Black
Sophomore - Jayla Starks
Junior - Monica Harris
Senior - Audrey Neyer

March, 2019
Freshman - Jada Pohlen
Sophomore - Logan Hage
Junior - Jaelynn Scowden
Senior - Chase Hopewell

February, 2019
Freshman - Jessica Wilmer
Sophomore - Alexis Herold
Junior - Kaitlyn Robinson
Senior - Bryan Henson

January, 2019
Freshman - Haylie Jacobs
Sophomore - Maddie Thompson
Junior - Emari Smiley
Senior - Brady Rolfes

December, 2018
Freshman - Brennyn Bell-Bucher
Sophomore - Beth Rothan
Junior - Brode Gibson
Senior - Grace Connaughton

November, 2018
Freshman - Harry Clark
Sophomore - Elaina Jackson
Junior - Kennedy Wissman
Senior - Abbie Proctor

October, 2018
Freshman - Molly Anthony
Sophomore - James Martin
Junior - Emily Sauer
Senior - Sydney Long

September, 2018
Freshman - Jonathan Polido
Sophomore - Tommy Hogan
Junior - Colin Crank
Senior - Maria Carter