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Athletic Trainer

Ethan Sellers, ATC

Ethan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Miami University where he was the recipient of the Newcomer of the Year Award in Athletic Training in 2013. Ethan’s previous athletic training experience at both the high school and collegiate levels has prepared him well for his new role as the athletic trainer at Stephen T. Badin High School. He is a certified CPR and First Aid instructor. In his free time, Ethan enjoys playing basketball and softball, and the great outdoors.

Tips to help you be a healthy and happy athlete:

  • Hydration is an essential part of performance. Athletes should be consuming at least 64-100 ounces of water daily, and rehydrate after activity.
  • Sleep is an essential part of recovery. Athletes should strive for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Practicing proper nutrition is just as important as practicing proper sport.
  • Come see your Athletic Trainer about any injury concerns you have. We are here to help you, even if you just need a high five!
  • Always bring a note back to your Athletic Trainer after visiting the Doctor for an injury that outlines your restrictions and/or clearance to return to activity. This will directly affect your ability to participate.

Contact Ethan Sellers by email: esellers@mercy.com