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Vacation Policy

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Student absence for the purpose of family vacations and trips during the school year is strongly discouraged. Students who are chronically absent will not be granted a vacation excusal. Badin will only excuse one vacation for up to five days in a school year. Vacation requests extending this time will be considered excused or unexcused based on your child’s attendance record. If you are planning to have your student out of school due to a family vacation, it is necessary that you email a written request to the Attendance Secretary at least one week prior to the absence. Upon receipt of the written request and explanation, the Dean of Students will determine if it is excused or unexcused. If approved, the student will be provided a Vacation Form which will need to be completed prior to the trip. Students are responsible for collecting and completing assignments prior to the vacation. Upon return, students are responsible for coordinating with teachers any missed tests and quizzes. Vacations do not extend deadlines for assignments. Teachers are not obligated to provide special or individual learning material and/or opportunities before or after absences due to vacations.